Friday, July 13, 2007

Charity KAL

DIY is doing a charity KAL right now . We are all working on some kind of charity knitting .
Right now I am working on a pink block for Warm Up America, in seed stitch.

We have posted several charity knitting links over at the DIY message board. Join us , if you can and use up some of that stash. ;^)

I will post a picture of my square tomorrow. I hope to get a few done before the Kal ends .

Kiddie KAL

We did a Kiddie KAL over at DIY . It ended last week.

I did a beautiful baby sweater in purple.

I am working on booties to match.
This is mine.

This is the pattern I used.


Here are the mittens . I forgot to add them to the last post.


Ok , it has been awhile since I posted last.

Here is a picture of the hat I did for the KAL. It goes with the mittens.