Thursday, December 18, 2008

Swap Items received

This is the swap package I received frommy buddy Janet over at Knit and Chat. I love the dishclothes. I had wanted to knit myself a set and now I do not need to as she was nice enough to do them for me.

This is my package I received from Xen over at the Reducio Sock Swap . I love the whole package. The tiny sock has a set of stitch markers tied to them. I think the little witch hat is too cute. I need to make some for a friend of mine that is a relative of one of the Salem witches .
The whole package is wonderful,right down to her candy wrappers.

Thanks again Janet and Xen

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stash Reduction CBE

I am doing a stash reduction CBE over at Knit And Chat. As I love doing socks that is my reduction . I thought I could also use them as Christmas present.

I finished the first pair . Austermann Step . I found that this skein has lots of knots in it, the kind that happens from the factory. These will be for my sister. I thought she could wear them with jeans.

Pair number 2 is Knit Picks Essential Lily Pad Multi. I love this yarn,it fits my price range and is so soft. I am almost ready to start the heel. These may be for my oldest daughter.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Jack's first stitches

My grandson Jack received his first stitches yesterday. He fell into the coffee table. His mother did the same thing when she was his age only she got the outer edge of her eye.


My sister's baby was born this past Thursday , two months early by C-Section.

He weights 3 pounds , 7 ounces and is 17 1/2 inches long. It's hard to see him as they have a nasal canula up his nose to dry up his lungs. I will post more pictures as he grows.

All is well, he is very healthy and will be home in the next 6 weeks.

AScripps / DIY answer

Now that I have a new camera , I can share my first snail mail letter. If you cannot read it , then go to this link.

I think they are just not listening and they did not answer any of my questions about not filming in over a year at the time and selling their sets on Craig's List.

The one hour special is to air on July 3 , 2008 at 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM.

See here :,2019,DIY_14196_7-3-2008_EST,00.html

Vickie is also doing 5 minute video's on the Lifetime . The first one is "Vickie Howell's Recycled-Sweater Picnic Blanket".

Watch for more videos from our favorite crafter.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Angle Flesh

A few weeks ago my grandson's band played at the Bath Skate Park. They did really well.

Their band has more gigs coming up and they have their own myspace for the band so their fans can keep tabs on whats going on. Check out their music , they wrote their own songs, no covers.

Here is a photo of Angleflesh.

Way to rock , guys !!

Keep up the good work !!!

Vickie Howell Update !!!

Vickie has a new gig coming up with Lifetime TV . Also the only episode that has yet to air will do so this summer. Good luck , Vickie !!!

Check out her blog.

I for one am very happy that she will still be around.

Vickie is a wonderful lady !!

She sent me a signed copy of her new book "Knit Aid "
This is a must have book for beginners and a great resource for other knitters. It covers about 100 topics and has graft paper for you to copy so you might make your own designs. At the end of the book is a needle gauge as well.

She also sent me 8 skeins of her yarn.
She sent :

2 skeins Vegas in Flying Elvis

2 skeins Love in Harold & Maude

2 skeins Craft in Suss

2 skeins Rock in Joan

Two of the color ways remind me of family members, my daughter Joan and my grandfather Harold. Great names for yarn . All are so soft, cannot wait to knit with them.

Due to having broke my camera , I cannot share a picture right now but I hope to get another one soon so I can

Have a great weekend all !!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Baby Surprise Jacket

I have been wanting to knit this baby sweater for awhile.

Now that my sister is having her first baby , a boy , I get to make it for her.

I used Knit Picks Felici yarn in the color Clay. I cast on February 29 2008

After two false starts due to incorrect count, it knitted up quick as long as I was not watching TV and knitting.

You really need to pay attention to your count with this one.

I finished tonight March 8 , 2008 . Now to get some buttons.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sets Sold on Craig's List

Sets for Knitty Gritty, Uncommon Threads and Craft Lab were all for sale on Craig’s list in L.A. last month.
See here :Scroll down to:Wednesday, February 13, 2008. So you want to be a TV set designer?

Ok , what is this telling us ???

DIY is now monitoring my posts and pulled some because I mentioned the president of Scripps name. This is the message I received from them.

Thank you for contributing to this forum. Unfortunately, your post will not be displayed until after it is approved by community administrators, because one or more trigger words were used in your post. If and when the community administrators approve your post, it will appear in the forum. Your attachment has been uploaded successfully.

They pulled two of my posts so I reposted it again today. Seems they do not want me posting contact information thats already public information on their own site. I guess we have hit some kind of nerve by sending them letters.

Here is their contact page.


I came straight out to them today by asking them if they had infact canceled the show . No answer as yet.

The petition will go on !!! We will continue to get our show back .

Here is the petition link again.

As of this posting we have 2068 Total Signatures .

Way to go , everyone that has signed. I thank everyone !!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vickie's Video / Knit out 08

Check out Vickie's video of the knit out 08. It looks like it was a good time. There is a gentleman that admits to watching the show. I think that is way cool as my own husband use to watch with me before he went to work. When the show move to its current time slot, 5:00 am, he asked me where the knitty cam went ??

Enjoy !!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Director of Programming, DIY / Need a job !!

While looking around on the Scripps website , I came across this.

Maybe this is the reason DIY is in such a mess with woman crafters !!
Anyone out there need a job ???
Maybe you can be bought with hand crafted items ???

The petition has been going well, we are now at 925 and counting. Every few days I send Scripps the petition.
The General Craft board on DIY has asked how to set up their own petition. I have let them know where to set it up. They will sign ours and I hope all will sign theirs when they post it.

Here is the link to Scripps contact information.

Do what you wish with this , send them your squares or just let them know how you feel about what they have done to our show.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Erin Sweater

I have been making progress on my Erin sweater.

The front , back, 1 sleeve and neck are done. Working on sleeve 2.

This sweater needs to be done for Valentine's Day as it is my project for the CBE on the Knit & Chat board.

I am also knitting heart dishclothes for the DIY KAL. I have 1 done and another 3/4 done.

This is the pattern I used for the one pictured below. Its a little hard to see but if you stare at it , you can see the hearts.

Monday, January 28, 2008

More on saving Knitty Gritty

I have made it my mission to save this show. Not only is it the best knitting show but Vickie really rocks as its hostess.
I have been sending Scripps / DIY an e-mail every few days. I figure that by this time they know my e-mail by heart now.
I have been asking all to post the link to the petition on their sites as well.
The craftychica has been posting about this as well. She has agreed to post the link on her blog.
I have contacted the Yarn Harlot too. I am waiting to hear from her.
So if you are reading this please add the link to your blog or My Space.
The Ravelry Group is doing a knit in. They are knitting squares to send to Scripps / DIY.

I really hope all this works. Time will tell.

I have not watched DIY in about a month now. Not sure if I will keep the channel. I will cancel it if there is no Knitty Gritty.

Here is the link again.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Save the Knitty Gritty Show Petition

Save the Knitty Gritty Show Petition

Please sign !!

Ninja Turtle Sweater

I am making a Ninja Turtle sweater for my nephew . He loves everything Superhero. I have the front almost done and now he wants me to stop making it for a Batman sweater.

Go figure. Four - year -olds !!!

I will finish this Ninja Turtle sweater first.

Sock Knitting

I have started two more pair of socks . One in Moda Dea Sassy Stripes , color Lucky and one in Lionbrand Magic Stripes , color Sea Blue. There is just something about knitting socks that I like and I think they wear much better than store bought socks. A very portable project. This is my van knitting, which means I knit them only in the van while waiting for the boys , at lights , ect.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saving Knitty Gritty

Diy has moved our favorite knitting show to 5:00 A.M. here . I hear on the knitting boards that some are getting it at 2:00 A.M.
Does DIY think we do not sleep ???
Not everyone has a recorder.
They did this all in the name of renovation shows for men.
I phoned Scripps / DIY and made a complaint this past week. This is the number I used
Phone: 865.694.2700
I was told they would pass my complaint on to programming.

I have come up with a whole day of programming for them. Starting at 7:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M.
This is what my day would look like.

Clay ------ polymerclay & ceramic
Doll making
Flower arranging
Household cleaning tips -- stain removal , ect
Jewelery making
Painting ------- One Stroke & Bob Ross
Quilting --- ( Many out there )
Rug making
Spinning & weaving
Tattering ( I always wanted to learn )
Woodworking for women
Yoga & such

So with all this , why is it that they need to put home renovations on every day ???
We could have a WOMAN'S day !!
I sent this over to DIY. We will see if anything gets done.

So much for my rant, now I feel better !!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Space & Jewelery

Here is where I am selling my jewelery. Next is setting up an ESTY account.

Check me out

Friday, January 4, 2008

Tiny Hearts Scarf

Its finished !!
I added fringe. This was so quick to do.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Heart Knitting

Fickle posted this on DIY message board.

Sorry the pictures are not that great.

This is a really cool pattern. I started it in red using size 6 needles. I think for the next one , I will go up to a size 8 or 9. I think it needs to be done on larger needles to make the hearts bigger.

I will also add a boarder as well.

Boot Socks

Here is my boot socks from a pattern I revised from DIY. These were my last project for 2007. This is a great pattern to use worstered weight yarn. I have posted other socks from this pattern before. I made the leg portion longer. Mine are 9 inches long.

I am now working on a ninja turtle sweater for my nephew and I still need to finish my Erin sweater .
Looking foward to a wonderful new year knitting !!