Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dish Towel Sets

Pattern for the towel toppers came from Mary Maxim's Apple Towel Toppers kit. This was suppose to be a Christmas present but was on backorder so I didn't receive it until after the holidays. Kit came with one towel and one skein of cotton yarn.

I then used the pattern to make 4 towels for my daughter Joan. As her kitchen is black and red , I used Lionbrand cotton in black for the toppers and was still able to make 2 dishclothes to go with the towels

PPIV 52 Update

So here are the socks I have done so far. Working on pair 24 now.

Pair 23

Pair 22

Pair 19 & 20

Pair 21

Pair 17 & 18

Pair 16