Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creative Home Arts Club


Whatever you do , stay away from this club.

They get you in with the promise of letting you test craft products that you get to keep for free .

.....................................................NOT !!!!!..........................................

I received their offer for only $12.00 , which I agreed to pay. It had a send no money now. When my bill came it was for $24.00 for two years. I paid this . They stated that when payment was received that I would get a Cocoa Lovers Collection and a FREE $100.00 grocery coupon . I did not receive these. I checked out their web site and found out that you may or may not be picked to try a craft product and that if you are picked that you need to wait 6 to 9 months then cannot be picked again for 1 year.

Last week I received a book to review and buy if I wanted to keep it. It also stated that if I review 4 more books and buy them, then I would be picked to get a free craft product. They try to get you to buy these books that are not all that good. You can get the same info on the web for free. I am not into book clubs.

I do not mind reviewing products but I do not want to buy them.

Today I received a bill for another $24.00 for dues...........DUES FOR WHAT.........I already paid this . I didn't realize that it was monthly as it was not stated anywhere.

If I pay this I will receive my cocoa lovers collection and my grocery coupon.Also a welcome kit that I was suppose to receive before.

The free gift I did receive was a 4 1/2 by 6 inch gift bag.

There is a whole web search on how this is a SCAM.

I called and was told that they would change my membership to the magazine only.

By the way , this club also has a lifetime membership that they bill you for and do not let you know.

Check this out.
What did I learn from this ....Nothing is free..... EVER.

Jim's Socks

I made my husband Jim socks to keep his feet warm this winter. I try to make him a few pairs each winter.

I used Sensations Sock Yarn in the colorway Bamboo & Ewe. I bought this yarn at Joann Fabrics in Portland. This yarn is great for men's socks as it is a bigger skein. My only problem with this yarn is the color, its not mt favorite.

Baby Blanket #2

This is a second baby blanket I made with left over yarn.

Scarf Knitting

...................Here are a few scarves I did for mindless knitting and to use up stash...............


Raglan sweaters


This is my nephew Jafar modeling his sweater.

My Grandson Jack modeling his sweater.

They are both soooo handsome.

Health update

I went to the doctor's on October 4th to get the results from my second scan. The first scan found some abnormalities in my pancreas but we were dealing with the cancer first, thats how I ended up with a second scan.
The findings were; scars on my pancreas; a polyp on my gallbladder and a cyst on my liver that may or may not be anything. The doctor said he will be watching me. I have blood tests before he sees me again. I go back in March.
Only time will tell. Until then knit on.