Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September Socks

It has been so hot that I have put my sweater down for now to work on boot socks.

I made a pair for me out of cranberry woolease.

I also made a pair out of Paton's Classic Wool in pumpkin for my grandson. He needed them for an Outward Bound trip. He could not bring anything cotton so he got wool socks.

I am now working on a fun fur scarf, for some mindless knitting. I still have a bunch of this in my stash I need to use up. I now hear these are no longer in style. I'll pass them out as gifts for Christmas. :^)

My Scarf Pattern

The Leaky Cauldron has posted that everything should be converted in a few days , so access should be up soon.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tony's Skate hat

My grandson wanted a visor hat like the skateboarders wear. I looked around and showed him different visor hat patterns, all of which he did not like , so I had to come up with my own pattern. I changed a basic hat pattern and added a foam visor that I cut out myself.

Note to self, when using black yarn, use black foam.

You can see the foam threw the yarn. Other than that ,I think it came out very well.

I have started to write out directions for this pattern. I hope to get it done soon.

Now my other grandson wants one and my husband wanted to know where his has was.

Holiday knitting is where their hat is.LOL

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Pattern

My scarf pattern over at the Leaky Cauldron has not been moved yet so it cannot be accessed until they finished moving things to their new system. If they change the page , I will post a new link.

UFO KAL Continued

Because it has been sooo hot, the progress on my sweater has been slow. I am now working on the front. This is a great sweater to knit, I just hate chart knitting. It looks so pretty though.

I have done a pair of socks for my mother's birthday. It was on September 5th. I also crocheted some pot scrubbers that I will use for teacher gifts during the holidays. They will also make great gifts for the family with matching dishcloths.

The DIY group wants to continue the UFO KAL for this month. I think next month we will do entrelac scarf kal. We will use this pattern.