Saturday, April 26, 2008

Angle Flesh

A few weeks ago my grandson's band played at the Bath Skate Park. They did really well.

Their band has more gigs coming up and they have their own myspace for the band so their fans can keep tabs on whats going on. Check out their music , they wrote their own songs, no covers.

Here is a photo of Angleflesh.

Way to rock , guys !!

Keep up the good work !!!

Vickie Howell Update !!!

Vickie has a new gig coming up with Lifetime TV . Also the only episode that has yet to air will do so this summer. Good luck , Vickie !!!

Check out her blog.

I for one am very happy that she will still be around.

Vickie is a wonderful lady !!

She sent me a signed copy of her new book "Knit Aid "
This is a must have book for beginners and a great resource for other knitters. It covers about 100 topics and has graft paper for you to copy so you might make your own designs. At the end of the book is a needle gauge as well.

She also sent me 8 skeins of her yarn.
She sent :

2 skeins Vegas in Flying Elvis

2 skeins Love in Harold & Maude

2 skeins Craft in Suss

2 skeins Rock in Joan

Two of the color ways remind me of family members, my daughter Joan and my grandfather Harold. Great names for yarn . All are so soft, cannot wait to knit with them.

Due to having broke my camera , I cannot share a picture right now but I hope to get another one soon so I can

Have a great weekend all !!