Monday, August 10, 2009

Trout Stream Sock Test Knit

I test knitted a sock for Cindy Guggemos of Baxterknits called Trout Stream Socks.

Cindy's pattern is not public yet but if you keep checking her blog she will let you know when it is.

This was a fun knit. I used Knit Picks Risata in the color Grass on size 1 double point needles.

Not in Nodes

The doctor called today to let me know that it was stage III colon cancer and that I DID NOT have it in my lymph nodes. :^)
I do have to see an oncologist. We will set the appointment when I see my surgeon in September.
I feel better each day but get tired quickly. The doctor said this is normal and will be for awhile.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Home from Hospital

I came home from the hospital on Thursday and am only now feeling well enough to post.
The surgery went well , 12 inches of bowel removed. I have 3 incisions as it was done through the scope. My 4 inch belly button incision became infected. Outside of being tired , I feel good.
Tomorrow I get the pathology report to see if it is in my lymph nodes.
Started a crochet baby blanket but not really feeling like doing anything but resting.
Will post more later