Thursday, December 18, 2008

Swap Items received

This is the swap package I received frommy buddy Janet over at Knit and Chat. I love the dishclothes. I had wanted to knit myself a set and now I do not need to as she was nice enough to do them for me.

This is my package I received from Xen over at the Reducio Sock Swap . I love the whole package. The tiny sock has a set of stitch markers tied to them. I think the little witch hat is too cute. I need to make some for a friend of mine that is a relative of one of the Salem witches .
The whole package is wonderful,right down to her candy wrappers.

Thanks again Janet and Xen


Lupie said...

You have a great blog! I have two groups on ravelry you may like to join. Chalk Dust Knitters
This group was started just as a way for my local knitting group to meet up and I got a few other people on.I then started a blog for my knitting group. Not very active but people do ask ouestions once in a while.
Lesser Know Skeins,as you can read on the group details, was started for fiber arts to comment on each others blog. It has a great group of people from all over the world and we have become like a family. I try to get to all the blogs every week to read and comment on new posts.
Hope you join us.

Lulu said...

Thanks , I will check it out.